Start my project

Thank you for choosing MMC for launching your project.
Here are a few hints and tips to give you the best chance of having your project approved by our teams and funded by the Internet community.

1. Creating my project

You can pitch any innovative and original project on MMC provided you are more than 18 years old (or you are represented by a legal guardin if you are a minor) and that your project has not already been funded through another website.

The first thing to do when you set up a project on MMC is to have a Member Account. If you don't have one yet, click here to register. You'll probably find it much easier to use Facebook to register and get connected to MMC. It's the fastest way to do it and be able to use our powerful sharing and communication features and tools. MMC will never disclose any of your Facebook details.

Once you've set up your account, you can begin to define your project. Here are some of the main things you need to think about:

Your project title

This needs to be concise and punchy - it has to sum up your project in just a few words.

The category

This is the "drawer" where your project will be stored on MMC. It means potential participants will be able to find your project easily in the area which interests them.

These are the categories available on MMC : Art and the arts, Comics and graphic novels, Food and cooking, Ecology and solidarity, Business and businesses, Film and video, Games and gaming, Books, Fashion and design, Music, Photography, Press and journalism, Performing arts, Sport, Technology and Innovation, Others.

Your avatar

This is the image which will show up to represent your project on the site and it will be the first thing people see about it. It’s therefore really important for you to take the time to make it as attractive as possible and, of course, representative of your project.

The description

This is your project's pitch. It has to summarise it in just a few lines and highlight its appeal. Like the avatar, it'll show up everywhere with your project.