• By eric1974

    Thank you for your message.
    Excuse me but i don't speak english very well.
    Nice to meet you and good luck,

  • By Nicolas Silvestre

    it's a pleasure to be with us for your work. Lovely too :)

  • By catherinev5331

    Hello Christie and Loui, thank you so much for the new song, it's wonderful!!!!!!!!!kiss, kiss, see you soon.

  • By 45 king

    awesome Song - i hear the Abba thing .. its in the Voice /harmonies - love it ... like a breath of fresh air on this sunny day .... this is going to sound brilliant when you make your record ....

  • By Walger

    Brillant songs, Christie & Loui! All credits to your talent, voice, melody... In one word, You. Simply carry on that way. South West as so many talents & you carry on the tradition. From a Bristolian (by adoption). All the best.


    JUST SHOWIN SUPPORT TO U TWO LOVLIES... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • By Millers Daughter

    Hey Guys - we might use this as our Intro tape ..... (hehe) - made us laugh so thought we would share it ......

  • By catherinev5331

    Hello to all of you, hello Christie and Loui, thank you for the new songs, the video, you are working very hard only for our pleasure!!!!!It's always good to be here with you. See you soon. Bisous.

  • By The Chain

    Nearly at the 26K girls...keep it up!

  • By TomCC

    Never Mine: very nice Song ! Good Work Angels :)

  • By catherinev5331

    Hello girls, congratulations for the 25k and more....A very good song again, thank you so much. See you soon. Bisous les filles, je vous adore...........

  • By Castiglioni Jean-Philippe

    Hello girls :)

    26 k soon !


  • By jonnywalker

    thanks cool for 25k, and kiss sisters and big up from Swizerland

  • By Gooddaysunshine

    Congrats on 25k, girls!
    And thanks for the new song! I love it!

  • By The Draytones

    £25,000!!!!! Well done girls, you'll be there in no time!! Los Draytones x

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