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I forgot my password. How do I log in?

Just click « Forgot your password? » and input the email address associated with your MyMajorCompany account. We’ll then send you an email with your new password.

You can change your password if you want to through My Account.

I have a new email address.How do I log in?

You must use the address associated with your account to log in. Then, you’ll be able to update your address on your account page.

If you use Facebook to connect, your account will be automatically updated.

How can I log in using my Facebook account?

If you don’t have an account on MyMajorCompany yet, use Facebook to connect. It’s quicker and easier! Click on the “Facebook login” buttonon the login page.

If you already have a MMC account and your email address is the same as your FB one, the linkage will be done automatically if you click the “Facebook login” button.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to your account page and click on “delete my account” at the bottom of “Account details”.Warning: if you have any active pledges (online projects) we cannot delete your account right away. You’ll have to contact user support to help you with your attempt.

I want my Credit to be wired to my bank account. What do I do?

IYou’ll need to make a transfer request. In order to do that, go to your account pageand click on “Bank Transfers” and just follow instructions.

Once your transfer request is completed, it will be processed within maximum 72 hours. A confirmation email will then be sent to you.

PLEASE NOTICE: In some cases, you will be asked to certify your account.

When and what should i do to certify my account ?

Verification of a member account is required in two cases:

  • - Transfer money from your MMC member account to your bank account without a maximum amount (cap is at € 1,000 per calendar year per contributor).
  • - no financial contribution limit to any projects (set at € 2,500 per calendar year per contributor)

To verify your member account, please go to "My Account" then on "Account Settings" and there you click on the "Verification" tab. You will then be asked to send a copy of a document proving your identity (National Identity Card, Passport, Driving License). You can send one or more files. Individual files should not exceed 10 MB (Accepted File Types: PDF, DOC, PNG, JPG).

ATTENTION: for your documents to be accepted, they must be legible and must be able to clearly identify you.

I haven’t received the transfer I asked.What should I do?

The average processing time of a transfer request is 3 (three) working days. We’ll send you an email as soon as it has been processed. If you have any problem, contact us.

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