How it works

What's crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is about giving life to projects using crowd contribution. With MyMajorCompany, projects creators encompassing diverse objectives are allowed to present their project to thousands of internet users and raise funds necessary for their completion.

How does it work?

Creators set the budget they need to launch their project (the gauge) and its deadline (3 months maximum). Initiator's objective is to fill its gauge before the deadline. In order to convince users to support a project, it must be described and rewards that backers receive in exchange for pledging to a project must be created.

What happens if the 100% goal is not achieved at deadline?

If a project does not reach its funding goal through its duration, backers get back their participation which is automatically deposited on their Credit.

They can then use this credit to back other projects or ask for a bank transfer to their account. (Only transaction fees are not reimbursed).

What if the goal is reached before deadline?

Users can back a project as long as there is still time, even if its collection gauge is full. Therefore, it is frequent that projects go over 100%.

In most cases, project creators explain how over-gauge funds will be used. They must also make sure that they will be able to deliver rewards associated with "extra" pledges.

Can I cancel a pledge?

You can cancel your pledge at any time, as long as funding objective has not been reached (100% of the gauge), If cancelled, the amount of your pledge will automatically be deposited on your Credit.

You can then use this Credit to back other projects or ask for a bank transfer to your account. (Only transaction fees are not reimbursed).

However, when the gauge is above 100% pledges are definitive and no reimbursement can occur from this time.

Who's responsible for realizing the project and delivering rewards?

The project creator is accountable for fulfilling the promises of his project. His name is always displayed on top of his project page and he can be contacted easily by backers through the "Send a message" button on the right of his profile picture.

About MyMajorCompany

We're a team of around 20 people based in Paris. Meet the team!

Since our launch, projects on our website raised 17.9 million with more than 430.000 users, a record in Europe. Nowadays, MMC has 436.000 members including 200.000 subscribers to its newsletter that relates regularly the site's top projects.

Who to contact if I have a question?

It depends on the question!

We conceived the How it works aiming at responding to most of your questions so please use the right-hand side menu to check that you can't find your answer.

Otherwise, you can use our  contact interface.

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