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I participated in a project

How to get news about a project?

Sign in to your account and find all messages sent by the project creator to keep you updated about the evolution of the project.

You can also find all news about any project in the “News” tab on its page. Another option is to contact directly the project creator through the “Send a message” button under the avatar on his profile.

I didn’t receive my reward. What to do? Who’s accountable ?

The project creator is the only responsible for delivering the rewards. If you have an issue regarding the shipment, you must contact him directly by message through the envelope at the top on the project page. If you do not receive any response or if you feel that the project creator doesn’t act with good will contact us and explain your problem, we’ll sort it out.

The project I pledged to wasn’t successful. How to recover my money?

If a project hasn’t reached the 100% of its gauge before its deadline, the amount of your contribution is automatically transferred to your Credit ( available in your account). and you’ll be notified by email.

Then, you will be able to use that Credit to contribute to other projects or you can ask for a bank wire through My Account.

Are my pledges tax-deductible? Which documents to fill out?

Only projects in the “Tax reduction” category allow you to deduct from your tax part of your contributions.

After the project has reached its deadline, you will receive a tax receipt from the project creator entity. You must input the amount of your pledge while filling your tax return.

It may not be necessary to join the receipts to your tax return (physical or online) but you should keep them in prevention of a tax audit.

I participated in a project at "financial return" ? Who is responsible for developing the project ?

As with all projects presented on this platform, the project leader is responsible for the proper realization of the project.

However, to provide financial return after the success of the project two criterias that give you some guarantee are needed:

  • The project leader agrees by contract with MyMajorCompany to maintain a high level of quality of service and to ensure communication with its contributors.
  • MyMajorCompany verifies the seriousness and the actual ability of designers to carry out their project as they describe it on their project page.

It is MyMajorCompany who is responsible for the payment of your winnings and who gurantess good calculations and proper payment of your money. IIf you encounter any problem with the payment do not hesitate to contact us:

I received funds supporting a “financial return” project.How and where should I declare it? (the information below presents the French regulation only)

Individual or self-entrepreneur

Financial return generated on MyMajorCompany is taxable under non-commercial profits.


Financial return generated on MyMajorCompany for a corporate tax eligible company must be included in the taxable profits. It is classified as exceptional revenue.

Are my personal information available to project creators?

Some personal information (e-mail and postal address) are given to the project creator at the end of his/her campaign if the project is successful. S/he can thus directly send your rewards.

Yourtelephone numbers are never divulged, even if you are free to communicate them in order to facilitate the delivery.

Who owns the project’s rights?

All property rights of the project including its contents are exclusively own by the project creator. To know more, consult section 5.2 of our General Terms of Use.

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