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My project was financed

How can I get the money collected ?

After collection deadline is passed, the money will be transfered directly to your MMC-account balance. You have then to certify you account to make a wire transfer. To do so please go to "My Account" then on "Account Settings" and there you click on the "Certification" tab. You will then be asked to send a copy of a document proving your identity(National Identity Card, Passport, Driving Licence).To receive the money it is essential that the details sended to us are those of the person, association or company resbonsible for the MMC-account.

You can send one or more files. Individual files should not exceed 10 MB (Accepted Filetypes: PDF, DOC, PNG, JPG)

ATTENTION: for your documents to be accepted, they must be legible and must be able to clearly identify you.

What is the info I have to contact my contributors ?

During your collect, as long as your project is not financed, you can contact your backers through the messenger service only. MMC does not give you yet the info of your supporters because they can decide to cancel their pledge, and for this reason, not like the idea that you can reach them personally.

Once your gauge is completed, you can access their name, address and all the necessary info to the delivery of the rewards. All these elements are listed in the «backers file» that MMC made especially for you, and which will help you in the delivery of your rewards and the management of your community.

What tools does MMC give me to help me deliver the rewards ?

You are fully accountable for the delivery of your rewards. Your backers helped you fund your project; in return they expect news of your project as well as the reward they chose. These contributors are your first fans, and potential clients, subscribers to your brand, in a nutshell your benefactors! But they also are MMC users. Keeping them happy is one of our shared interests.

That’s why we do what is necessary to help you satisfy them, and have built for you the tools aiming at making you save a lot of time for the delivery:

  • - The messenger service through which you can filter backers according to their reward.
  • - Forms to obtain additional info on your backers (for instance, t-shirt size, shoe size, the date they are available on for an event, the name of a +1…)
  • - A downloadable document with all the info that you will need to deliver your rewards.

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