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Join the adventure of "an American in Paris" and help me realize my dream of recording my first original folk-pop album !

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Devon Graves ANGLAIS

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Nov 16, 2012

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    • What I love about music is that it is a universal language; every human being
      connects with it and it can communicate powerfully without requiring translation.
      —Devon Graves
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      An American living in Paris, Devon Graves has traveled a long way through many cultures and, thankfully, she has taken her music with her. Born and raised in Hebron, KY, USA, she began singing and playing the piano as a toddler. In 2005, she chose to further pursue her passion for music by attending Belmont University in Nashville, TN, to study Commercial Voice and Composition. In 2007, she decided to study abroad in a little town in France called Angers, where she quickly fell in love with French culture. She returned to Nashville in 2008 to finish her studies.


      Two months after graduating, Devon began touring full-time as a member of Mosaic. The group, comprised of five other close friends and songwriters from Belmont University, produced 3 full-length music albums between 2009 and 2011.  Mosaic began touring the US in June 2010 and the group played in states all across America, from Vermont to Florida to California. Devon’s song, “Live in Victory,” was Mosaic’s first song to be made into a music video. (For more information about Mosaic, go to

      However, at the end of December 2012, Devon decided to take a break from Mosaic to move to Paris, France, to prepare for her marriage to her French fiancé and begin a new chapter in her life, personally and musically. The website My Major Company provided the perfect platform to launch her solo music career
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    • I've been writing songs since I was 13, and many of my songs represent stories, memories and deep experiences from my life. For years, I've dreamed of compiling my songs and recording a professional album, presenting my songs exactly as I've heard them in my head for so long. 

      My album will be an autobiography of sorts. Featuring songs written as early as the age of 16, it will evoke many different memories and moments from her life. "It's not that each of my songs recounts a real experience, although some of them do. I come from a long line of great storytellers, so while I can say that each song is based on truth, many of them are stories. But each recall a specific moment in my life that was then transformed into song. I guess I'd say there's a story behind every story."

      My main desire is to move people with my music: to make them smile, cry, laugh or see a certain subject in a new light. In a sense, this album will be an autobiography, filled with lessons learned and experiences from all points in my life. I plan on including songs in both English and French, representing themes that relate to both nationalities.

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    • My Major Company allows artists to create real relationships with fans, other artists and contributers, all people to whom we owe so much! What's more, in using My Major Company, artists can conserve their musical identities; we become known for our own style and originality without having to conform to the expectations of the commercial music industry.

      I have dreamed of making this album since the age of 13, and by participating in My Major Company, you will become a vital aspect of realizing this dream. Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will bring me one step closer to my goal: recording my first solo album."

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    Devon Graves ANGLAIS

    on €100,000

    funded on
    Nov 16, 2012

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