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What is a crowdfunded project?

A collective project

A crowdfunded project is one that brings people together, one that builds a supportive community ready to support it. So if you need money for your wedding or new car, you’re probably not going to attract too many contributors.

A clear goal

Projects have to produce something. “Support SOS Drought” is too vague, but “Help me build a well” and it’s welcome to MMC!

A generous project

The basic principle is that when people support a project, you thank them with a reward. These rewards are extremely important and will help your project attract support from your friends and family, as well as your community. To receive, you have to give

The three keys to a successful campaign

Be active

Crowdfunding isn’t magic. There’s only one way to make a project work – an active plan for promoting it! So tell people through e-mails, phone calls, social networks, the press, events and flyers. And don’t forget that your friends and family will most likely be your first supporters.

Don’t be greedy

If you don’t meet your target at the end of your campaign, then all donations will simply be returned to contributors. So be reasonable, particularly because nothing stops you raising more than your initial target !

Make your contributors dream

Build a page that reflects your project: great photos, a well-designed visual theme, and a clear, smart and lively presentation. These are the essential ingredients that will convince potential contributors.

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