Panamericana Nueva, welcome on board !

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On board of a school bus turned an itinerant study, six professionals from the film industry go discover Central America, its youth and the challenges they face.

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Panamericana Nueva, welcome on board !

on €8,000.00

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Jun 5, 2015

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  • Our Project
  • 3 years ago, Barthélémy, Matty and his 4 friends had the idea of a school bus turned a cinema caravan passing through Central America over 6700 Km. They would meet local NGOs which are taking care of disadvantaged young people who worry about their future and dream of a better life.

    We want to make you, the online followers, the seventh passenger on board of the bus. 

    It is for that reason that we incline you to immerse yourself completely in this adventure thanks to all the content we are going to produce.

    This bus will be at the same time a mobile cinema, a production space, a living space and a way of transport. It will be the link between the viewer and the youth we will follow in each one of the steps of our journey.

    We hope this project can be as well the beginning of an even bigger adventure: on one side, our followers will get to discover Central America through the website and on the other side, share the passion for cinema with all those young Central Americans that we will encounter mostly thanks to our outdoors screenings.

    This month-long trip will give us the chance to tour over 6700 Km: seven countries in 15 steps. We will start from Nicaragua heading south to Panama, before heading north to Mexico. 

    Un voyage de près de 7 000km

    We will also remain connected via satellite all along our tour, if not with the whole world, at least with France.

    Furthermore, every member of the team will communicate through social networks and a blog, they will share their experiences, their feelings and their problems. Each day, the team will gather together in order to create a Podcast (audio report) to react to the viewers or to the events that took place during the day. But especially, we will produce at every stage a large format video documentary which will focus on a particular person and topic. We will also make an explanatory video about the NGOs which take us in, so that their actions can be explained to the public.

    The viewers will discover the countries we travel through and their people; find the atypical characters that we meet from Panama to the US border. The good sense of humour that our “Superbus” team has, as well as the technical quality to make our cinema caravan advance, will not cease top put the viewer in front of unexpected situations… sometimes crazy ones!

  • Here is the list of the places we will visit stage by stage:
  • 1 – Lake Apoyo / Nicaragua with Cocomango Project
         (sustainable development and education)
    2 - San José / Costa Rica
         (scholar support and popular education)
    3 – Panama City / Panama
         (reintegration of young addicts)
    4 - David / Panama
         (education through martial arts)
    5 - Monteverde / Costa Rica
         (environment preservation)
    6 - Managua / Nicaragua with La Corriente
         (rights of women and sexual minorities)
    7 - Tegucigalpa / Honduras 
         (help to young seropositive)
    8 - San Salvador / El Salvador 
         (reintegration of young people)
    9 - Guatemala City/ Guatemala 
         (Guatemalan cinema )
    10 - Chiantla / Guatemala 
         (Citizenship and local political participation of young people)
    11 - San Cristóbal de las Casas / Mexico with Melel Xojobal 
         (helps street children and the rights of indigenous children)
    12 - Teocelo / Mexico with AUGE autogestión 
         (lhelps agaisnt child work and for popular education on rural areas)
    13 - San Juan del Río / Mexico
         (helps candidates to immigration)
    14 - Fresnillo / Mexico
         (helps young deep miners)
    15 - Chihuahua / Mexico
         (shelter for orphans)
    16 - Agua Prieta / Mexico with the Immigrant Assistance Centre EXODUS
         (support for immigrants on the way back)

  • l'équipe du bus

    Panamericana Nueva is primarily a friends dream. 5 film professionals, who have known each other for more than 10 years developed a dream when Matty, their adventurous friend decided to go to Nicaragua and create an Eco participative hostel in a volcano’s lake. Barthélémy, the one who started the Project and Benjamin who lives in Brazil will be the co-directorsSébastien, camera operator manager, will be the eyes of the filming Côme, sound engineer and musician, will be the ears. Finally, Florent, will be in charge of the editing and all the technical part of this ambitious audio-visual project.

  • We hope to raise at least 8.000 €, with the purpose of paying the most essential part of the filming team and the bus. This project has a budget of 32.000 € in total. After our journey, your donation will do miracles: all this material will be donated to one of the associations we have visited in order to shape the Nicaraguan youth to art, culture and cinema related themes. The projects will be coordinated by a neighbouring Art association in the city of Granada. The bus will be back to its original purpose, as a transport service and transport for the CocoMango Community Project  with the intent to become a “library-Bus” in this very secluded area.

    You have then, at least two good reasons to help "Panamericana Nueva"!!

  • The production
  • Panamericana Nueva has been selected by the Fabrique Transmédia of the festival Paris Courts Devant in 2014 and has received an award during this workshop, greatly increasing the possibility for this project to ever happen.

    Antoine Cupial (Plaisir d’Offrir Productions, POP) encouraged the workshop with his partner Elie- G . Abécéra. He completely fell in love with the project and decided to bring his know-how as well as one of his colleague (including Anastasia Malinovskaya ) from within his production company .

    Since the beginning, the project has been supported by Alexandre de Villeneuve from The Wild Room (TWR), an association of general interest helping audio-visual productions. A status of association that allows tax exemptions (French only) issued by a sponsor (see below).

    Today TWR and POP are looking for another co-producer who will help bringing to fruition this adventure and all declensions provided, especially the documentary.

    We are seeking partners to participate in the project in which ever way they can contribute; whether with contacts, logistics, production, financial support or even ideas. 

Panamericana Nueva, welcome on board !

on €8,000.00

funded on
Jun 5, 2015

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