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Dec 9, 2014

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on €6,500

funded on
Dec 9, 2014

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At The Flying Rock, we play Texas Hold’em Poker – and the blind is 1€. Everybody can play, everybody is welcome – and Kate, put the gun down will you? (Thank you very much – and you’ll get access to all of the updates “for contributors only”).

3 sold, unlimited.

Un espresso doble, por favor


Isn’t that weird, all those Cuban guys who never drink alcohol? Last day some Filipino cargo docked – and those guys don’t drink coffee, I can tell you… (Thank you very much – and you’ll get access to all of the updates “for contributors only”).

3 sold, unlimited.

Whisky on the rocks


Oh yeah the Whiskey on the Rocks IS a cocktail – you do add some water to the whisky, so that’s not whisky anymore… wasn’t that an old AC/DC song? (We thank you in a personal email that sums up all of the websites and videos about the show + a Hi-Res background display)

1 sold, unlimited.

Bloody Mary


Holy sh.., what’s that, kid, a gazpacho with schnaps? Let me show you – the Bloody Mary is complex to handle, if you see what I mean… -> Previous rewards + your name in the end credits of the pilot!

16 sold, unlimited.

Queens Full of Tens


You’re done, sweetie. Phil Benji never bluffs. -> Previous reward + the pilot episode in HD format + the pilot episode in HD 3D side-by-side format if we make it to our « 3D » objective

48 sold, unlimited.

Four Queens (“Screening” pack)


I’m not sure Mr Benji – but here I won, right ? -> Previous reward + one invitation to the premiere of the film with the film crew (only one person – two persons: see 70€ pledge) + one invitation to the after screening cocktail. This screening (in 3D if we make it to our “3D” objective) will take place in Paris – transportation to the screening location is at your expense.

7 bought, 33 available.

Cuba Libre (“Stereo 3D filmmaking” pack)


Do you feel the breath of History, senor bartender?... -> Previous reward + a 2h10min HD 3D film (also compatible with 2D screens) produced and directed by the team of “The Flying Rock”, that explains the secrets of Stereo 3D filmmaking. This award-winning course had amazing reviews: FilmPro says it’s “the best course, by the best teachers in the world – I’ve never seen such a refined product”; Sonovision said it’s “Essential”. More info at the bottom of this page!

8 bought, 32 available.

Private Marshall (“Shooting simulator” pack)


Yeah, “private Marshall”, it’s pretty much like a bounty hunter, but you’ve got a badge. The kind of badge that’s funny for the cops AND for the bad guys… -> Previous reward + a 3D “shooting simulator”! This software program (Mac & PC, in English) is based on the FrameForge Previz Studio professional software, but aims at teaching 3D filmmaking… but it’s also an amazing tool to learn cinema in general, 2D or 3D! This is an exceptionnaly good deal if you’r interested in how films are shot: German film magazine “Zoom” wrote: “The teaching method is amazing. The effects of learning with that software are stunning; the knowledge you get from it is priceless”. More info here: http://www.convergence3d.net/stereo3d.php

4 sold, unlimited.

Old Fashioned (“2 persons screening pack”)


Hello, ladies… -> Previous reward + a nice cardboard invitation for two, signed by the director, to the première of the film and the after screening cocktail (in Paris, transportation at your expense).

1 bought, 39 available.

H7-Nx (“VIP screening pack”)


But you said you’ll never use the H7 again, right? -> Previous reward + your name in the end credits of all of the episodes of the first season of the show + the 2-person invitation becomes a VIP invitation that will guarantee the best seats of the screening. And a member of the film crew will welcome you, show you your seats and offer a nice cocktail to you. And we’ll try to convince some good-looking super sexy member of the crew to do that. Not sure. We’ll see. (Screening will be in Paris, transportation at your expense)

7 bought, 13 available.

Smuggler (“Extra pack”)


Nah, smuggling, smuggling, not really, but since there is an embargo on that kind of “equipment”, having it legally would take months, ya know… -> Previous reward + you’re welcome ½ day on the set AND/OR you can be an extra (then you need to be available during the shooting)!

4 bought, 1 available.

Kir Royal (“After shooting party” pack)


I’m not drunk… -> Previous reward + you’re invited to the very private after-shooting party with all of the film crew! The director will treat you with one of the cocktails of the show, your choice (we do not recommend the Cheshire Cat, it’s really… bad). The party will be in Paris, very probably in the soundstage – meaning in the actual set of “The Flying Rock”! If the party has to happen in some other place, the director will take you to the set and show it to you before the party!

5 sold, unlimited.

White Russian (“Filmmaking crash course” pack)


The White Russian… the guy is originally a Georgian, right? -> Previous reward + the “Crash course” – a one-day workshop in Paris in the “The Flying Rock” soundstage with our team. The theme is “producing and directing a short film or a web-series”. This is a “no bullshit”, hands-on workshop. We’ve been teachers worldwide and people really like our courses, they get a lot from it. The workshop will be in Paris, during a week-end – transportation is at your expense.

0 bought, 7 available.

Black Russian (professional 3D pack)


Not Georgian, Polish, right? -> Previous rewards EXCEPT for the « Crash course »: instead we’ll do a workshop aimed at professionals about 3D filmmaking. Theory on the morning, hands-on stuff on the afternoon - we’ll use a professional “P+S Technik Freestyle Evolution” 3D-rig in our soundstage. The workshop will take place in Paris, transportation is at your expense.

2 bought, 5 available.

The Bartender (“Sponsor I” pack)


All previous rewards (so you can attend both workshops if you’d like) + a “Produced with the support of” credit at the beginning of end credits for you or your company (including logo) + you’re welcome to come on all or part of the shooting.

0 bought, 5 available.

The Boss (“Associate Producer” pack)


Like the 500€ reward, but you get an “Associate Producer” card at the beginning of end credit (with a maximum of two other Associate Producers). The card stand by itself before all of other end credits and will not be a part of the rolling end titles + you get an IMDB credit of Associate Producer.

0 bought, 3 available.

The Mysterious Traveler (“Hitchcock Associate Producer” pack)


Like the 750€ reward + you’re included as a silhouette (an extra on which a close-up is done). You have to be available for at least ½ day. If you leave in Paris (or next to), a member of the crew will drive you from your place to the soundstage, and back.

2 bought, 0 available.

General Cabrera (“Sponsor II” Pack)


Like 500€ + a “Produced with the support of” credit in the OPENING credits for you or your company (including its logo) + you’re thanked in all of the director’s interviews, screenings, debates, etc. + your logo at the end of the end titles.

0 sold, unlimited.

The Commander (“Co-producer” pack)


Like 750€ + a “Co-producer” credit in the OPENING credits (you name or the logo of your company), on the same car than other co-producers (Parallell Cinéma, Victorimage, La Manufacture des Films) + a “PRODUCER” credit on IMDB + 5% of the producers rights on that pilot episode.

1 bought, 3 available, maximum 2 per user.

EUSS “Napoléon Bonaparte” Battlecruiser (“Sponsor III” pack – product placement).


Like 2500€ + your animated logo, alone, at the beginning of the opening credits. If we make it to the “3D” stretch goal, we’ll make a Stereo-3D version of your logo for the S3D version of the movie + let’s have a talk about a non-intrusive, well-integrated product placement in the pilot. If you’d like to, you product and/or your logo will be adjusted to blend better in the futuristic universe of “The Flying Rock”.

0 sold, unlimited.